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I'm still having trouble connecting :(
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Hey, sorry I've been absent. Buncha problems one after the other. I've only just been able to get my laptop back online after about 10 weeks :( I hope you weren't worried about me (cos you are the nice dude who cares about ppl)
billsworld 4 years ago

I've been very busy with my new job these past few weeks but I am still around. I don't have the time I used to have. I am glad that you doing ok.

Heyyyy.... I'm sorry, I've been awol about 10 weeks. I had health issues and technology issues pretty much simultaneously. Still have some tech problems thanks to the nbn ... but let's try not to think about that. I have *no* clue now what I was up to here, except it wasn't finished. I'm sorry if anyone was unduly worried about me.
Your gifypet is soooooo cute awweeeee <3
pinkabyss 4 years ago

i love the idea of this, looking nice so far <3

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voov 4 years ago

Thank you @pinkabyss :D

Oh dear, someone's unfollowed me. Is my redesign that awful??
rxqueen 4 years ago

i love the redesign! :)

billsworld 4 years ago

It could be any number of reasons... I wouldn't worry over it, were I, you. People are fickle.

melodicake 4 years ago

it looks amazing!!

itswilliamleonard 4 years ago

it's so good :OOO

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voov 4 years ago

Thank you everyone! Your support puts a smile on my face!

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Nice purple :3
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