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omg hey i'm just seein your comments! thank you for reachin out to me. <3 yess my bed was queen size too, actually just got rid of it yesterday! replaced it with a futon :)) much more space now i feel a lot better. ive also started cleaning finally. i think because i was having a guest over.. it motivated me to clean baha. still not done but i feel better now. the job thing still is weighing on me but.. baby steps
pinkabyss 1 day ago

didnt know if it was possible to reply in the comments on my page so here ya go :') thanks once again for reachin out, also glad to hear that boy apologized for being wrong, it always feels nice to get a sincere apology from someone who should

voov 6 hours ago

Hi and thank you :3 Futon is deffo an improvment!

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