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waaaah ive been so inactive!! big apologies, i wanna add more stuff but im not sure what thinking emoji. the only pages i can remember needing finishing is my toybox or portfolio pages but ive been too tired to photograph the rest of my plushies and art lays down
calling all mutuals!! lmk if you want (or dont want??) me to put your button on my site!! much love xoxo
prophetesque 1 month ago

I SEE MY BUTTON AAAAA (but also im about to debut my new button, which is a lil easier to see i think ehe)

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bloodtypeoh 1 month ago

wait til i drop a new button, mine is very plain/low-effort rn

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ninacti0n 1 month ago

So far, I only have one button, and it's the one most people have used lol! I appreciate it, also because I need to update my buttons corner :P

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figured out my button!!!! :D
currently agonizing over how to design my webbedsite button ;)

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