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Added a new song to my accoustic section of my music page called Mannequin Hands :3 Really proud of it
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kph 2 months ago

I think you've made some pretty astute observations about the machinations of the for-profit internet, but I'm wondering a little bit how the thing you're describing is different from like... privately-hosted, publicly-accessible websites like forums and virtual worlds with password-protected areas. You can have rules and accounts and bans and moderation without all the web 2.0 social media ad revenue bloat.

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jettsecret 2 months ago

okay so I have thoughts on this but they're like waaaaaay longer than for a comment section... boils down to: yeah you're totally right and I didn't think about that, but forums and virtual worlds have the same sole proprietorship issue (which cannot really be escaped ever admittedly) and starting your own requires a lot of technical know-how and time which makes them not-feasible as an open platform scheme

jettsecret 2 months ago

I'll maybe post my additional thoughts on another page on my site or something? we also definitely need to chat more about tech stuff, tho admittedly my computer expertise is strictly theoretical lol

Now that the semester is over I'll be able to actually make some meaningful updates. Also DNE progress has been at a standstill so I'll be likely doing some work on that too
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jettsecret 4 months ago

Of course I'm also working on PhD applications now so theres that lol I need a clone

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