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sometimes I don't even play the game
sninkygle 10 months ago

and sometimes you are thte game?

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wass good was updated.
10 months ago
scarbyte 10 months ago

malwarebytes thinks you're an epic haxor:

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joppiesaus 10 months ago

silly antivirus, "oh this TLD is uncommon, better block it!"

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yudosai 10 months ago

It's my domain name!! I thought it was really cool. I had no idea that it was buggered.. Maybe I should get a new one?

quokka 10 months ago

.com is king supposedly...

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This site has OFFICIALLY turned five! I'd love to do an official update but I'm a bit swamped at the moment. Cheers!
encounters-ltd 10 months ago

CONGRATS!!! ur a neocities veteran!!

Opoona fans where you @
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yudosai 11 months ago

@sninkygle true

scifirenegade 11 months ago

I listen to the soundtrack, never played it, but damn I want to

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yudosai 11 months ago

@scifirenegade Same. I just picked it up, gonna play it after the semester ends!

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