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Going to use the old space theme for the website again, for any of you who saw it back at the beginning. It will line up well with the Tomorrowland theme of the new album.
Will update the site soon. New music project will be an entire album inspired by the magic and aesthetic of Disney World’s Tomorrowland.
Have ideas for new music, but absolutely no desire to begin. Am I depressed? How are you all doing?
lambdafun 2 months ago

doing fine, as I'm slowly returning to updating my neocities. please go on making music, i couldn't afford tipping this month but i'll be sure to purchase your latest album in december i love what you're making.

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futureperfect 2 months ago

Thank you! I've never intended or cared about the monetary side of bandcamp. I just enjoy getting some of my musical ideas out given my limited means (only using garageband on an iphone). I truly appreciate your kind words, though. Been very impressed with your drawings, by the way!

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lambdafun 2 months ago

Thank you, I’ll be sure to improve them as time passes

Just saw Gennedy Tartakovsky's "Primal" for the first time. Great show.
is your new album also composed using GarageBand?
futureperfect 3 months ago

Yes. All on an iPhone.

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