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i like how you hyperlink your aframe realms. it's exactly what i want from the webvr experience. i might actually put the googles on later and got lost in it. assuming i can jump with a google daydream controller
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yudosai 1 month ago

Thanks cuz. It's inspired by JanusVR. I actually spent a while figuring the linking system out since the built in linking system doesn't work right with the physics. Unfortunately the A-Frame library I used is very buggy on mobile chrome versions -- so be warned that it might act up. But tell me how it works tho!

Old people always gotta sign off everything they post. yudosai newark nj
yupthatsme 1 month ago

hey, I was born there! I lived there for 8 years :D

yudosai 1 month ago


Raymond Scott doesn't miss.
ethanf44 1 month ago

raymond animal crossing?

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yudosai 1 month ago

Raymond Scott was a jazz and electronic music composer from the 1930s-1970s. He has a very large body of work. His most popular song has to be powerhouse:

Thanks for following
yudosai 1 month ago

no prob bruh

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