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Looking at the screenshots in your articles of DOS games, I recommend watching this video on DOS aspect ratio and non-square pixels:
qbmikehawk 1 day ago

I'm aware of the non-square pixel issue. The thing is most people use DOSBox nowadays and I don't think it emulates non-square pixels. On the other hand, I could try to enable Mode X (which is 320x240 and has square pixels,) but that would also require to tweak the refresh rate of the monitor, something I cannot do because I don't have the hardware available for testing.

qbmikehawk 1 day ago

My bad: DOSBox can indeed correct the aspect ratio, I had no idea.

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1034co 1 day ago

There's nothing wrong with 320x200 Mode Y anyway. I do think you should do an article on how to change the resolution of Mode Y for people who want to change to a higher resolution like 400x512 for, say, a static screen.

qbmikehawk 17 hours ago

I could do that but without genuine hardware it's hard to ensure the code will run properly (I’m having SVGA flashbacks.) I picked Mode Y over X because it allows 4 full pages of video memory rather than “3 & 1/2,” requires fewer tweaks, and is guaranteed to work on any card supporting Mode 13. It’s all around easier. I think I missed the point of your 1st comment; you wanted the screenshots to be aspect-corrected?

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1034co 13 hours ago

Oh, you just don't have a DOS computer of any kind to test on. I guess I do have an actual DOS computer, but it's a Toshiba Satellite 2060cds laptop. If you take screenshots in DOSBox, even with aspect=true, you'll still get screenshots of the original resolution. In this case, I recommend giving DOS screenshot img tags their own class, and using CSS to ensure that the image is 120% taller than it is wide.

1034co 4 weeks ago

I don't even use Twitter, but I'm trying to add Twitter card functionality just in case someone on Twitter sees my art and links it. Also, I don't know if Discord is reading Twitter tags as well.

1034co 4 weeks ago

*Twitter meta tags

1034co 3 weeks ago

Ah fuck, AJAX messes it up again.

I now have a pics section! ^u^ The latest pics in here are from 2016, though...
Actually, Wonderswan has 8 shades of grey, not 4, so its shade palette is 3-bit, not 2. Also, CGA's 4-colour mode has 4 palette settings, 2 of which are a darker version of the other 2, the other one of which has a custom colour, red, green, and yellow. The black colour you listed on the CGA 4-colour palette is actually a customisable colour, which can be picked from CGA's total 16 colour palette.
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1034co 1 month ago

Also, CGA's 320x200 4-colour mode is only like that on RGBI, EGA, and VGA monitors. On composite, the 320x200 4-colour mode functioned more like a 160x200 16-colour mode due to NTSC artefacting and composite not separating the colour signal from the brightness signal.

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