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also, thanks for the 25k views! that's pretty neat
jesus christ it's been 2 years since i last touched this website. how've you lot been? i'm thinking that i might change this website to become my online portfolio just so it has a more practical use than "here, have some junk i had lying around on my hard drive" lolol. but man, that means i'm gonna have to relearn all the web code stuff again...
Sorry for not being around, school has been really busy and I just forgot about this lil website of mine. But not to worry, I will give it a new look it sooner or later in the holidays! Just need to figure out how to make those pretty layouts I see all the time haha :)
october is here 👀 sorry for not being around guys! life is just hella busy. i'm thinking about removing "character designs" in interests cuz the images take up a lotta space!! i wonder what i should replace it with 🤔
i want to revamp my website so it's the animated interactive world i mentioned i wanted to make on the main page. what do you guys think the world should be like? one idea i had was to combine the "about" and "sketchbook" pages into one page so there's a computer you can "turn on" and it'll show a cute (but not real) art sharing website where you can see profile + artwork. i think that would be cool

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