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🦘🌎.ws may go down occasionally in the future as I work around GoDaddy's stubborn registrar. They seem to be refusing to allow forwarding with only a vague error message and no support team to get in touch with. I've had to resort to creating another page for the sole purpose of redirecting to the right URL. Apologies for any weird issues
KangWorlds now has an emoji domain. I'll be giving it a real domain as well soon but right now I just thought this was funny. If you're wondering why you have a bunch of random characters in your address bar, that's what that is.
I'm planning to work on an alternative mode for the site that's tailor-made for older browsers. I'll be making heavy use of PHP for this so the complete thing won't be hosted here on neocities. This neccessitates a host migration to Frantech that I've been planning to do prettymuch since I started the site. Stay tuned.
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kangworlds 1 month ago

Before that gets finished I'll probably add a 'performance mode' to the main site through Javascript, for those systems from the mid 2000s that are compatible but run into performance issues. Some testing on my Vostro 1700 revealed massive bottlenecks caused by the page background.

displayman 1 month ago

So a potato computer mode?

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kangworlds 1 month ago

@displayman Yes

I went back and improved navigation for browsers with Javascript disabled. Back buttons should appear at the top of pages now instead of a giant nag message. I kept some nagging on the skins page out of necessity but it's not a big banner anymore.
kangworlds 1 month ago

The banner warning will still appear on the home page, though.

I've redone the Skins page and added one new skin. You can now click on the thumbnails to see a pop-up window that lets you test drive the skin before downloading it.
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