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lole, nice joke comrade!
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now, i know this is probably an extremly dumb situation; but please help. i couldn't find any html + css real time editors that supported flexbox whatsoever, so i moved progress to Mobify bc it was the only one that would do the most simple commands from w3school or any tutorials (big mistake). was able to make a basic design and super happy about it! but then, as soon as i ported the code to neocities.. cont
applesayce 1 week ago

cont... none of the css worked. i made sure that the html and css were connected, and added the web basics like the head and links. then i tried without any of the formating, same thing. it seems to be common and you cant get arround it unless you pay them. so why? why is the only way to code flexboxes only works through a shill freeware tool? is there any way to save the code to work in neocities or just as an html

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