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Loni ART was updated.
1 year ago
loni 1 year ago

just some new art, fixing dead links, not really a srs update

changed logo a bit :)
loni 1 year ago

i wanna get back to the blog but the markup is just too much x_x

loni 1 year ago

666 update too babyeeee

Loni ART was updated.
1 year ago
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frogesay 1 year ago

Art’s looking pimping. A damn shame nobody appreciates pixel art despite the organisation and effort inherent to its creation. At least we still have Pixeljoint.

loni 1 year ago

imo pixel art, although niche, is well appreciated by the public (see: 16pxl appearing on fashion shows), its just the people that want to pay for it....dont have much money for it ^^;;;

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