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Happy Juneteenth Everybody!
Gurren Lagann. Don't watch any reviews, trailers, or read articles. I don't care if you don't like anime. Just watch it.
yudosai 1 month ago

shit changed my life fr fr

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mace486 1 month ago

Never heard of it. I'll check it out

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cybersparkle 1 month ago

Gurren Lagann is amazing, I have never seen an anime like it.

x-tremeproject 1 month ago

It required to watch it. In all seriousness, GL was the first anime that introduce me to anime and has inspired me ever since. It must watch in my opition

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3DS or PSVita
kitteh 2 months ago

vitaaaaaaaaaaaa :D

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encounters-ltd 2 months ago

Didnt own either

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sninkygle 2 months ago

i own both but i perfer my vita cause better games + bigger library of stuff (especially when you hack it)

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x-tremeproject 2 months ago

Both. They all have good game but in term of Graphic, Vita is better

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1034co 2 months ago

I don't have a Vita, so 3DS I guess.

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yudosai 2 months ago

I have a 3ds but the Vita library is SO much cooler

madville 2 months ago

3DS for me, the hacking scene is so cool.

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ROLL CALL: where are the doctor who fans?
argh 2 months ago

doctor who now

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geouniversal 1 week ago

oh i havent been on neocities for 2 months cause i watched doctors 9 thru 14

geouniversal 1 week ago

hate is always foolish, love is always wise, never eat pears

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