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On the 26th of September we had another HUGE hike in hits, 4556 to be exact. This follows the 10001 bombshell hit spike on the 19th of September. This is strange because my normal daily hit count does not peak 400. What do you think it could be? Has someone been sharing my website? Maybe I should do some analytics again...
futureperfect 2 months ago

I’ve notice much more traffic as well. While I am not even in the same universe as the hits you’re getting, I’m still noticing larger amounts of traffic. I am updating my site more often now, so maybe getting visitors from the global activity page? Weird...

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dann 2 months ago

I had a 34K visit and half-million hit count period sometime last fall. Came out of the blue and faded away. Wasn't a one-day thing though. It sort of rose and fell over a week.

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roseknight 2 months ago

i did a bunch of testing months ago and it seems neocities gets a huge amount of false/bot activity unfortunately. i think neocities' own thumbnail bot might even count towards the total, every single time you make any update.

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yudosai 2 months ago

I remember that rose. How many times do you think the bot pings the site per update? I did do some live coding on some of those days, but never hit views like that when I coded directly on neocities before. Time to write some new analytics software...

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roseknight 2 months ago

im pretty sure its just 1/update. i dont have php analytics running on my new site update, but when i did have them running, most of the views were just bot things trying to find like /wp-login or /admin or whatever, 24/7, trying every possible login page that could exist. and i had known bots filtered out!

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quokka 2 months ago

Around May 30th I had a crazy spike...

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mace486 2 months ago

how do i get these spikes you guys are talking about

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this new look is BOSS
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If microsoft buys sega i might be forced to get an xbox... that backwards compatability looking spicy doe

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