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mold problem mostly dealt with, i decided to downsize the amount of things in the studio. Uni as usual takes up my time, catching up with incompletes at an extremely slow pace. Thinking about gender. see you
yeah i'm gonna take a break from working on this for a month or so estimate, i got a leak in my studio and basically a mold problem now so i have to get rid of stuff and figure out what to do. i also got some uni shit that's looming over me.
VILESPACE was updated.
1 month ago
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New update to 0 MOON
new changelog, did my best to remember when/what i did 3 years ago :^)
no update today im goin clubbing >:)
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vilespace 1 month ago

in a blunt force trauma kind of way

todo: proper changelog on site, transfer profile updates to changelog when done

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