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Have y'all heard of PHP shared memory?
codeyourownlanguage 1 month ago

from what ive read, it can be used for ipc but is normally used for caching data from scripts, and can also lead to race conditions (bad implementation could add up to security issues) -- i dont do php anymore, what were you considering?

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x-tremeproject 1 month ago

I have actually not

yudosai 1 month ago

I'm making a system that requires I store a *very* small amount of data in a persistant array. I know I could use SQL, but it's a pretty small program. I do have an implementation of the program in Python and another software, but I might have to rewrite it in PHP soon. Just checking out my options.

I've never beaten a gameboy game. this is great
geouniversal 1 month ago

also you might have lit the aframe bug in me again. goodbye actually getting anything done in real life~

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yudosai 1 month ago

Ikr aframe tends to do that lmao. And thanks, the only game boy game I have ever beaten besides this one is the original Super Mario Land

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