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can't wait for more updates<3
capstasher 8 months ago

man's last updated this 5 years ago

where can i get more info on solo mining?
This would've been a way cool ARG. Hopefully the author returns!
a-place 4 years ago

Agreed, I loved every minute of this thing!

Hey signal3, if you're still there please update this site, we haven't forgotten about it! Don't leave the story hanging...
This desktop site is so cool! i would love to make something like this some day
*POSSIBLE SPOILERS* okay so I know that Nina is from earth, and the kelarpians are *not* real. that's everything i know that has to be true. awesome game! can't wait to play it when there's more stuff! :D
This is incredible! Looks like a real PC based OS. Neocities has really a lot of creativity. Keep the good work up....
The story in signal 3_ is about how information can be used to manipulate people's idea of reality. As the user of the desktop environment, you get to read the information people put on both the SolarNet and freeNet and decide which side is true.

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