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yooo i love this
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question would you rather have A) experimental short stories (kinda like my dreams page but more flushed out and not just a bunch of dreams) OR B) the same format but more interactive and not just a "click to continue" type of format. Cause now that things are finally calming down i've been thinking of which direction i want to take this hobbled mess of a site, so im curious as to what you guys think
sninkygle 3 weeks ago

(also i should mention that i have no intentions outside of optimising, to alter the current pages,cause they do actually have some importance)

x-tremeproject 3 weeks ago

Personally, I like the "Click to Continue", it give more to get hook on to something

last minute temprest flew into my hand update s00n
made a post up on the blog idk when i'll be able to update here though
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hey so just a heads up , i was planning on coming back and doing a page every week and stuff but uh... my parents are forcing me (a trans nb/fae) into joining the airforce so i.. dont know when i'll update again..sorry ;-;
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sninkygle 1 month ago

i deeply wish that things were different cause this sucks

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sninkygle 2 months ago

mind chu none of the links work just yet as i am currently fixing those values as we speak

sninkygle 2 months ago

aaaaaaaand all of the background stuff is ready to goooooooooo (and now i have two sites that i can play ping pong with mwAHA)

cubertown 2 months ago

what is a moog besides the obvious

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