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ok so im waiting on something to show up. whenever it shows up i'll do a proper update. plsremember
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Qernz 0f i2 was updated.
1 week ago
sninkygle 1 week ago

we're back-ish i need to fix two small things reaaaal quick

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yo whoever made the two snapshots of my site on wayback machine i love you <3
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sninkygle 1 week ago

i'll fix this mistake tomorrow cause now i have my most of my lost code back

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i really do be deleting half of a project though
yes i know there's broken links in the im not fixing it any time soon because im to much of a manic frits to fix something as small as that <3
sninkygle 2 weeks ago

...and i already screwed this up

sninkygle 2 weeks ago

eh whatever

i swear i'll update whenever this nightmare blows over
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