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0 tips . This explains a lot of stuff for you all. TLDR I'm going to exit neocities in a few months.
clubnintendoarchives 2 years ago

Good luck with your future website projects. :)

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ottwiz 2 years ago

Thanks! :D to be honest, when i uploaded the content to my website, the folder structure got f'd up, so I really can feel the limits of neocities. Also, I want to minimize js on my website, so when I got my new website, I'll transform the radio.html into radio.php, since it'd be much better for me. I'd connect my website with MySQL and stuff so yea.

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Today probably yall get an update what's going on with me and the things I've had to do nowadays and what I took advantage of. TL;DR Covid -> university not open, but have to do PE -> we have to use strava to record trips -> surveying my area for OpenStreetMap
I updated my about page, because it was outdated. I hope you like it. I added a way to communicate with me in private message, but if something bullshit happens, I'll update my website asap to remove that contact.
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