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There was a video I saw back in the day. I cannot find it on youtube but what I do remember is that it was basically an edit of the song "mermaid" by tatsuro yamashita. It featured scenes of a mermaid swimming around in what may have been a lake, lagoon, or beach. It (spoliler) ended with the mermaid getting killed or something. The ending was very abrupt, violent, and opposite to the overall vibe of the song.
yudosai 5 months ago

It fit in a really weird way. I don't think it was an official video, but it all seemed to be either movie clips or a professional fan video. Either way, if anyone has seen this video, drop a link if you can.

yudosai 5 months ago

I feel like this video was uploaded before 2010, though it might be newer, but not much newer.

scifirenegade 5 months ago

Mmm... seems interesting. Will give it a look

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scifirenegade 5 months ago

Have you seen any of the Guinea Pig movies? Because someone on a discord (yeah I know) I'm in mentioned the clips could be from ove of the movies.

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I like php.
personally-comfy 5 months ago

"🎵I like php and I can not lie, You other brothers can't deny.🎵"

encounters-ltd 5 months ago

oh i love the peacey p

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mace486 5 months ago

You're lying, no one on neocities knows what php is.

joppiesaus 5 months ago

I have tried many programming languages, but php, I have never quite got the grip of it...

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geouniversal 5 months ago

i was learning php and everything i did worked, first language ive had that happen with. then i was told js is where its at and deleted my php folder i guess. rip

arkmsworld 5 months ago

It's something I'd like to sit down and learn when I have time. Seems to be the lang "closest to the metal" for backend work.

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yudosai 5 months ago

@arkmsworld ever try go? people tell me that's where the hype is. I hear it's a good next step for PHP developers. And get this, it's compiled! I haven't checked it out myself yet, but I think I will be soon.

loni 5 months ago

to be pedantic, the way to go metal on back is C with curl library, but also really dont do that, even php is better

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Thanks for following me!
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yudosai 5 months ago

no prob bob

Your website is epic
Name ten characters with lips. No repeats. I'll wait.
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argh 6 months ago

jynx from pokemon

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Subject: animal crackers..... Context: my soup.....

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