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Hi. Can't you help me how to make redirect page. Example, if visitor go to "a" they will be redirect to "b" automatically. Thank you for your help.
pixelglade 4 days ago

This cropped up in my feed so I hope you don't mind if I reply to this, I had to set up a redirect awhile back for one of my pages.

sadgrl 3 days ago

Thanks @pixelglade that's the same method I use!

pixelglade 3 days ago

You're welcome!

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mitrasoker 3 days ago

thank you pixelglade, although it is not what I'm looking for but its give me the idea on how to redirect visitor. Imho, meta refresh proper used to refresh the page what visitor see to know if there is an update and better avoid it to redirect visitor to another page.

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pixelglade 3 days ago

The meta refresh works but there are probably other methods outta here, I'm not sure what they are. I liked the meta refresh method because all it needs is HTML.

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