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aaa hi i saw ur question on the comment on the story, the story is chilli the vampire opposum! you can find it here on neocities or on webtoon ^-^
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troy-sucks 14 hours ago

thanks hahaha thats a weird title

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hi hello it's me again!!! i just read through the three chapters and aaa it was soo good!! i especially loved the art of that one scene where the fungus started to spread, starting from the principal. looking forward to the next chapter!!
troy-sucks 1 day ago

:0 what book is it?? i am Intrigued

i love ur site, esp the color palette!! i haven't read all of the webcomic yet but it looks p.interesting and i'll be reading the rest later, but so far i rly liked it!!
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chillithevampireopossum 1 day ago

thanks!!!! im glad u like it!!!!

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ur site looks rly neat!!

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