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I love your site!! I added your button my own site, I hope that's okay ! :]
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Oh you have no idea how helpful your resources are TvT Thank you for working so hard!! I hope you're doing okay on your hiatus <3 /platonic
Hey! I was wondering how you managed to pull off that the theme doesn't revert back to it's standard when you go to another subpage. Did you do that using cookies? Thanks! ~Kobe
culturalwasteland 5 days ago

hey @kobegeens, there's a load.js javascript file that loads with the site + saves the name of the current theme to the browser's local storage. Then when that file loads up again (on another page or refresh), it picks up if the local storage value is set and if so, checks if its the cat cafe theme (because the other one is the base theme). If it is, then that theme is selected, otherwise it sticks to the main theme.

culturalwasteland 5 days ago

mb for jumping straight in, I was lurking and got curious as well :3 - then after figuring it out, thought it'd nice to share c:

you did good and worked hard, hope your hiatus allows you to rest now cause you deserve it
ty for the resources, they are really helpful! :D (I really suck at finding backgrounds lol)
imagine carrying a baby for 9 months to name them sadness /j
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Thank you for helping people to empower themselves to make their own websites. I wish all the best to you in your endeavors.
Your site is so cool!! i used your css guides to get a basic understanding of css and now my site looks super cool!!!
Thank you so much for your helpful resources!! With them, learning to build my site has been fun and easy. You rock!

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