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Incredible, showstopping, beautiful in every way, no notes whatsoever. I sit here and open a pack like every day with rarity (asc) and watch the confetti go off when I open a zapdos. Love this so many.
This is a fun site! Love just clicking through old cards… Especially since I keep going “Hey I have that one” since I collected a lot as a kid lol. Good work overall! It’d be fun if the site had a checklist or something of the sort to keep track of which cards you’ve seen during that session or something!
pokemonboosterpack 4 months ago

Thank you so much. This has crossed my mind, even adding "achievements" to be saved across sessions in localstorage for finding all cards in a set, or opening a certain amount of packs, or other milestones. I do have a checklist for the GBC cards on the old version of the site in the meantime:

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This might be my favorite website on neocities. Absolutely stunning site. Good job, take a follow!
I love this website so much <3 All the appeal of opening booster packs without having to spend money <3 <3 The animations for the card transitions are insanely impressive too
pokemonboosterpack 1 year ago

Thank you for the kind words!

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pokemonboosterpack 2 years ago

Added button to hide duplicate cards in grid view, sort options on mobile and single pack view, sorting option for rares only..

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pokemonboosterpack 2 years ago

Card data reduced to 1/4 size --> faster loading


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