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Thank you for your kind gift! Your website is awesome, especially impressed by your glitter text generator!! <3
websetsbylynn 1 year ago

Your very welcome and thank you.

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1 year ago
cool site :]
HELLO GUYS!!!! CATBOX DONATIONS HAVE COVERED 101% OF THE SERVER BILLS! idk if putting a post about it here a week ago worked, but nevertheless i'd like to tell you guys about the good news :3
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1 year ago
hey guys, sorry for saying stuff in this profile but this page has a lot of followers so i'd like this to get exposure. the file-hosting website i and probably other people here use, catbox ( is currently under financial strain. just, like, putting it here so hopefully people with money to spend can donate money. link to blogpost:
troy-sucks 1 year ago

i'm only 13, so the best i can do it to just share. the link to a support page is here:

troy-sucks 1 year ago

and, obviously, sadgrl, you can delete this if you can. tbh idk why you would do that but if you don't want this on your page you could just delete it

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1 year ago
this website looks awesome when using the compact tabs feature in safari, the colours blend right into the browser
sadgrl 1 year ago

hehe thank you!! <3

The new layout generator looks really cool, I like how it looks sleek but still has charm and personality, and is really easy to use. The old one still has its own charm tho', im glad that you kept it
sadgrl 1 year ago

Thank you so much! Really glad you like it!! ^-^

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1 year ago
sadgrl 1 year ago

Updated my layout builder to hopefully be more intuitive, flexible and accessible. The old one is still available via a link in the sidebar on the demo though!

aywren 1 year ago

Thank you so much for your layout builder, it's been a huge help for me transitioning my sites back to HTML!

craftinatorics 1 year ago

Thank you, this is really exciting!! The buttons to generate layout or minimize panel aren't doing anything for me though. I have Firefox 103 and double-checked my JS was enabled.

craftinatorics 1 year ago

Oh it works now, might've been a cache thing. The new output looks really great!!

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