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Update today! Page 30 is out! ; w ;
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Page 29 is here! :3
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hollymacycomic 1 week ago

Also thanks for 50 followers! 🎉

Page 28 is out! :>
Page 27 is out now! And for clarification, I did post page 26 last week too! Last week I was on a trip with some friends and was able to update the comic remotely but couldn't figure out how to add a comment lol.
Page 25 is out now! ;3
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hollymacycomic 1 month ago

Just doing some general site maintenance (adding alt text to images that didn't have them, removing dead links ect). Might update a couple more times today doing other small stuff like this.

Page 24 is up! <3
Page 23 is out now! :3

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