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I just read through all the pages and im absolutely hooked!! i love holly and the crew and im looking forward to reading more after the hiatus!! thanks for making such a rad story and cool characters :-)
hollymacycomic 1 week ago

Thank you! :3

Posted a quick progress update about the hiatus, which can be found in the Author Notes section on the most recent page. Also finally updated the banner to reflect that we're on hiatus. *thumbs up*
I fucking love this comic its so good
Been reading through your comic, it's super cute and sweet. I wanted to reach out and ask what you use for the comment box on your comic pages. I utilize Rarebits for my webcomic too and I'm trying to figure out a way to add a commenting system. Have a nice hiatus!
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hollymacycomic 3 months ago

Hi! I use Cactus Comments ( If you give it a try, feel free to message me w/ any questions and I'll do my best to help. A lot of other people helped me when I was setting it up for my site, so hopefully I remember some stuff lol! :3

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hollymacycomic 3 months ago

OH also feel free to inspect element on my site and copy my code for the css/js/ect. I know that's kind of a given but sometimes I forget I can do that w/ websites.

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Update today, the last one for a while! Page 51 is out + an announcement about hiatus. :> Thank you for reading my webcomic.
plasticdino 3 months ago

I hope you have a restful hiatus!

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Update, and Happy Valentines Day! Page 50 of Ch4 is here~
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Update! Page 49
Update! Page 48
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Update today~ Page 47
Update! CH4 Page 46 is here

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