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HOLY SHIT! This whole css thing is like computer magic, man! So far I'm learning about the basics and on the side I've learnt about animations while bored in class and OMG it is so fun to mess around with! Expect some of those in the new site lol
I'm finally back in the kitchen cooking the new layout and I've decided to go for a full on makeover rather than 'porting' the current layout into good, office-less code. I dont wanna put a date because Ill miss it but rest assured, Im cooking
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Also 4k views tysm!!
Consider the blog bug fixed! Finally got around to it, I don't like leaving things broken for long! That said though, the overhaul might take longer than expected; between school and a game I'm making im not left with much time to devout to this so it might stay still for a bit (will still make more blog posts!)
Welp! I fucked with the blog code and now its flipping out so... Expect it to be fixed sometime this weekend but Im rlly busy rn so I cant make promises unfortunately

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