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i am grateful for your 88x31 maker i used it to make the buttons on my site ("epic games human resources" and "yippee!!!") :]
novmaryllis sent a $1.00 tip to sadgrl
5 months ago
novmaryllis 5 months ago

Sadgrl, your creative endeavors served as inspiration for crafting my own digital realm. Grateful for your artistry! May fortune smile upon your path!

feelingmachine 5 months ago

i forgot people could tip on here omg

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5 months ago
I'm sorry about all the pressure that has come from the spotlight- I hope you know what a valuable resource your site is, and how appreciated you are by web newbies and veterans alike. Thank you so much for everything you've created!
astroslair 5 months ago

I echo this! You're the reason I made a site on neocities <3

nosleepforme 5 months ago

There shouldn't have been as much focus on "proper conversation." It seemed like they wanted everyone to converse like in the 90's except we all just are not gen x and grew up conversing differently.

exweis 7 months ago

This is a great update and gives me a lot to consider. I was also previously very anti-social media, but instead of quitting it entirely I just moved platforms. I like the mastodon community I'm apart of and I think cohost is pretty cool! The culture is very different from places like twitter or instagram, but you do still see some of the parasocially driven behaviors replicated.

letslearntogether 7 months ago

I had stopped "liking" posts and "following" accounts on Neocities for similar reasons. I have always tried to interact with people in meaningful ways through the comments, but I am partial to email. It seems like small email discussion groups could lead to some wonderful dialogues...Hope all is going well for you both online and off!

mirage-island 6 months ago

i'm another fan of email; i still use it as my main method of communication actually. thank you for your thoughtful article. it's sad that even on neocities there are people who forget we're all human.

bright-eyes 5 months ago

I turned off the profile functions on here because I realized that I was uncomfortable with it. It started because people thought that they could judge me based on my opinions and experiences and then because I started posting stuff about my pagan beliefs, and then there were others who tried to make me like stuff that I didn't.

a0i 5 months ago

what a great read.

tenprinthello 5 months ago

Red debate vs dialogue, I had this explained to me in Uni as Eristic debate (the kind someone wins and someone loses) vs Dialectical debate, in which two parties are occupying adverserial positions as a means of cutting away all that is not true in an effort to discover what *is* true. I have always found it a useful word to drop into a conversation when I encounter that type; perhaps they'll google, and learn.

howdy, figured you'd enjoy this since you love webtv so much:
Sadgrl is my hero
Just wanted to say your site is wonderful sadgrl, very useful too! Sites like this were a big help back when Geocities was a thing and the internet was fresh and mostly lawless.
sadgrl 10 months ago

Thank you <3

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The mountain of views is impressive.

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