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Thank you for the follow! You're one of the first sites I followed on Neocities and the first manifesto I read, it influenced me a lot in developing my own and I used your HTML tutorials in the beginning to help me get started building a site. Thank you for all you do in supporting the small web movement. :)
sadgrl 2 days ago

Thank you so much!! <3 Your website must have come a long way because it looks amazing! Especially love your logo! :D

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pixelglade 2 days ago

Thank you! <3 So happy when people like the pixel art header I made. And it's a bit crazy to think about but I've been on Neocities for nearly 6 months, and have been building and adding stuff to my site for that time. One of the best decisions I ever made, there are so many wholesome, creative, and kind people on Neocities. :3

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