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ohh, i love the look of your site!! Its rly cohesive and I rly like the stickers section! Ty for the follow!! :>
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furbee 4 hours ago

Thank you so much! Your site is such a joy to look at can't wait to explore some more :)

aaa your site is suuper adorable, i love all the cute colors and artwork!! Ty for the follow, too! ^w^/
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confetticake 1 day ago

thank you so much!! :D i love love love your site too, fried eggs are the cutest theme EVER

happy birthday!!!!
Lil update, but! I recently released my first ever rpgm game to the public now, link avail on my site + itchio :> I've never shared this one with the public before, but after some tinkering, i decided to share it! Thank ya'll!
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1 week ago
thank u sm for the follow!! your art and site are absolutely lovely!!!
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mintywyvern 2 weeks ago

Thank you! Your site is such a delight to look through 🥺!

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its rly sad abt 123guestbook but i think i'll wait till it's in readonly mode in june before switching fully ;w;/ archiving the kind messages ppl have left feels a bit somber aa..
aquariumaesthetic 2 weeks ago

It is sad, but I'm happy it pushed me to finally switch hosts :)

new shrines page up, feat. me gushing abt mother 1 ^w^/
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