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I hope that they do a Spring Festival encore. We finally have lots of hobbit furniture items, which sadly, I've just missed.
Filbert Fig has finally returned. Shame that I hardly have any figments of splendour to spend...
I feel like I am home again, in LOTRO, though I won't be doing the Farmer's Faire festival this year, nor ever again, for personal reasons.
The thing is, sometimes you will /do/ things, but you can't always get around to them right away, don't have the money, aren't always in good enough health, etc... People aren't patient or just plain rude/nasty about things and you are not under any obligation to do what they want you to do, do stuff when they want it, do stuff just to please them.
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While at uni, I deliberately didn't cut my hair for a year because an unfriendly flatmate made derogatory comments about it because I wouldn't waste money going to a salon thingy with her. It's a dangerous thing to complain/make derogatory comments about stuff.
koshka 2 hours ago

You sound just like me. The number one way to make me double down on something is to criticise me for doing it. Part of the reason that I wear and decorate with pink so much is because some people have made derogatory comments about me doing so before.

I am seriously considering letting the garden get overgrown again this year, simply on the basis that a neighbour is moaning about it already.
LOTRO is finally playable again...
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And a little browser game that I've missed playing has finally got its act together and is loading properly...
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OK... This is a twilight zone moment, because I never expected it to happen without getting a new computer and changing internet providers, but.... Microsoft Edge is actually working at a speed it should and downloads are actually downloading at a speed that you should expect. The reason why I consider it strange is because for over a year (November '19 to be exact), the internet hasn't been working properly, and
bright-eyes 1 day ago

finally, this evening, it is. What gives? Should I be suspicious of it? Is our internet provider going to suddenly present us with an enormous phone bill?

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