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I knew decopatch papers were expensive, but £5 for only 5 sheets when you can get more from other brands? Erm....
One of the frustrating things I find with 24th scale miniatures is that accessories are thin on the ground, especially in the UK. Today, I bought some plant scenery which is designed for smaller scales in the hope that I can decorate the front of the house with it. I find very little plants and flowers miniatures of the right scale in the UK, though in some ways it shouldn't matter because the sizes of plants in rl
bright-eyes 2 days ago

vary quite a bit - I have sunflowers growing in pots in the garden (small ones) - they are the same variety but some flowers are huge, others have taller stems, others are short or have smaller flower heads. I also bought a dragon that will go in the house if it doesn't look out of place size wise.

If there's one thing that annoys me, it's the snobbery in dollshouse forums and online discussion groups. One forum run by a very famous UK based dollshouse company was destroyed by the back biting and trolling of its members, (it no longer exists because people quit using it), an American one had some argue with me over a company I bought flooring and roofing tiles from (I'd bought from the wrong one!),
bright-eyes 2 days ago

another rudely deleted my account as soon as I joined it and a facebook group run by a company won't approve my request to join. I don't get the attitude of these people. With the economic downturn at the start of the last decade and now Covid not allowing fairs, etc, to take place, you'd think that they'd be happy with the customers they have and be more welcoming of people to the hobby.

I really should do some proper webpages rather than just posting here, but I don't have the time to mess around with html right now.
Crafting update: Finished doing my first handmade journal (still needs stuff to go in it), but the book is bound and together. It took me so long because I was nervous over if it would work or not and had to change the spine of it so sew the pages in as I couldn't get the needle through. It's probably a bit amateurish, but as it's my first one, I'm pleased with it. (Not made handmade books since I was a kid.)
bright-eyes 2 days ago

The 24th scale dollshouse just needs the roof on now, tiles and some scenery scatter. Of course, there are still some bits and pieces of furniture and the like to get so that it's finished completely, but the majority of the difficult parts are done. I need to find a little dragon or something to give it some life.

One of the things which has been holding me back with improving on my art is not having reference material to practice with, so today I've started going through an old natural history book of mammals, published when writers, artists and publishers actually made books for kids and laymen readers that aren't Dorling Kingsley types. As a child and teenager, I had lots of books like that. Today was the turn of the
bright-eyes 3 days ago

platypus (no, sorry, Ornithorhynchus Paradoxus)

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