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I can't stand R N B music, but my partner has decided that he's finally got fed up of Radio 3 and put on this awful radio station with very tinny irritating music.... I can't work in this room with the noise anyway, but that....
Is it ok to ask a question? I'm looking for places that do unabridged audio books, mainly in the sci-fi and fantasy genre as I'm starting to find reading print books difficult due to changes in my eye sight. Thanks.
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readingproject 1 week ago

I don't listen to audio books, so I'm not a great source of information. Of course you've heard of Audible, but beyond that I'd be doing internet searches myself to find out. Maybe someone on Neocities will see this and have a suggestion for you?

blagi 1 week ago

I'm not sure what it is like in your country, but in mine some libraries have physical audiobooks, as well as subscriptions to services that offer digital ones. Ask your local librarian and see if there's anything that helps!

pikemalarkey 1 week ago

Free legal option > Internet Archive, Librivox, Youtube. Pirated option > search for 'unblockit', you'll find them both on general sites and under 'books'. Paid for option > idk, Audible/Spotify(?)

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nohappynonsense 3 days ago

pike droppin the true knowledge

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Apparently, after years of making me think that I have type 2 diabetes, the NHS don't know which type of diabetes I actually have...
There were two bees around the heather when I let the dog out. Dog goes after one of the bees, while one bee stays at heather collecting nector. Bee then angrily nudges me on my arm after finishing with the heather. Dog attacks bee, bee's friend is angry and takes it out on me... Who ever doubts that insects have intelligence has not spent a lot of time watching bees.
bright-eyes 1 week ago

The dog has always been a menace around bees, even though we tell him not to do it in case he gets stung.

Really, Adidas? It's not the fans' fault it's yours for approving the crappy design.
bright-eyes 2 weeks ago

It makes the Ing-gal-land strip fiasco look like naught...

Now that the weather is getting more predictable, I am starting to sort out the room that I hope will be the craft room.
I dislike it when a person from a marginalized group self-flagellate themselves, or other people that are members of that group - like Georgia Man on Radio 3 commenting on a female composer 'composing like a man'. I find it worse than when a man is sexist. It reenforces myths that certain pass times, jobs, etc, aren't open to women. The same can also be said about POC doing these same things. Quit it and behave as
bright-eyes 2 weeks ago

it's normal for marginalized groups to do things.

There are certain phrases that get on my nerves - hot minute/it's been a minute, it is what it is and it's sick/that's sick (used to mean great, rather than the original meaning...) They are irritating expressions.
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There are some pretty bizarre people on youtube and even though a lot of them are fans and collectors of things I like, I wonder about them...
bright-eyes 3 weeks ago

And I also wonder about the impact it has on their family and whether they are fed up of their loved one's obsession....

Folks think diabetes is my real health problem, but it's not. It's the low mood because that controls how I deal with the diabetes and when it's off, I don't manage it properly.

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