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You've got such a nice design on your website, I like it a lot!
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likehome 1 year ago

Thank you!

Love your photos~!
twelvemen 1 year ago

Thanks! I always keep an eye out on a good opportunity for photography. I really like your site, the whole vibe is really cool!

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I'm currently working on reworking my layout, found at (only index, thoughts and about me are ready so far). I'm trying to keep the same overall feeling, but tidier and cuter. I like it so far, but I want to know what do *you* think. Thank you.
mirages 1 year ago

very cute ! i like the color scheme, the creamy white background contrasts well with the pastel blue font ^_^

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lhfm 1 year ago

Looks good, have you thought about making it mobile friendly? Your design looks pretty easy to adapt. CSS @media queries aren't super hard to learn. (also, tuturu~)

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cinni 1 year ago

omg it so good&cute ;_; it's very pleasant to look at!

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saint-images 1 year ago

@lhfm - thank you! Perhaps you're right; while I don't think a lot of people browse neocities from phones, it's be a nice thing to have. I'll try.

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saint-images 1 year ago

@cinni - thank you so much!

zanarkand 1 year ago

i rly like how your header looks (: i love your furin png. perhaps you could position it fixed so it follows the screen when she scroll down/up? just a thought! i love the palette ☻♥

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saint-images 1 year ago

@zanarkand - the header is inspired by the button you made for me 🥺👉👈 I'll try the fixed furin proposition and see if it looks nice!

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rbuchanan 1 year ago

It's nice. It arrests the eye on which it's easy.

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