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I'm 3rd in followers but I'm listed as 9th. I just now noticed this.
devils 2 months ago

neocities....give the king his crown

2bit 2 months ago

I think I'm the joker, if you go off playing card hierarchy.

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actually, i think youre either the queen or the jack, depending on what number the ace wants to be today

The NES also has 2 bit graphics in some way. The screen is split into 16 by 16 pixel blocks, and each block has 4 colors (2 bit) out of 16 (an image can have no more than 16 colors). There are also sprites (things that move like Mario and enemies), which have 3 colors and a transparent color (2 bit too).
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2bit 2 months ago

I've actually heard about that before, and I think its pretty facinating how storing sprites in 2 bit color allowed for multiple color palletes to be switched out which saved quite a bit of space in a small NES ROM.

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2bit 2 months ago

I think I might add 8bit consoles that used 2bit sprites on my site.

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