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theta will you kindly update your blog this is no way to treat a dead friend
A lot of people seem to miss the purpose of what the 10kB Gallery is, which is to feature the work of deserving artists in a way that can be enjoyed on the most primitive technology using the full capacity of modern-day techniques. It's a showcase of the lost art of what you can _do_ with image compression, with artists who deserve to be featured. It isn't meant to parasitically copy what is already under 10kB.
boy i ain't got time to die, i got shit to do
Are you still alive?
Could you use Mozzies? The Old-Mozilla pictures used on DMOZ were 10k or less.
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I hope everybody is prepared for this extremely idealistic post I made about things which make me feel. Or you could just keep wanking off and doing whatever you were doing before. I'm not your bloody shepherd.
strata, you should show off your digital art skills sometime and draw your cat waifu.

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