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I gave "Information and How-Tos" a proper page, but as of now it still just gives you a link to that dumb "Not yet!" video. I also added a "Hosted by Neocities" image to the main page. It's based on the one that comes with new sites, but this one's 88x31. Feel free to use it yourself, no need to credit me. For the curious, the font used is called "Qlassik".
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Changed up the CSS, and modified the HTML a bit on all the pages to work with it. Thankfully stuff like that isn't too painful just yet since I've still got a low number of pages. :)
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Hey, just so you know, you can upload custom font files to use in your website. That way, users won't have to manually install Mona Font. Check this out: In case you're worried about licensing/etc.: I don't know a lick of Japanese, but running Mona Font's readme through an online translator, it seems the font is in the public domain. Cool site, by the way. :)
a-rok 6 days ago

I just realized that you've got a font included with your Femto.css framework, so you already know about this. Sorry for telling you what you already know. Though maybe you don't know this: Font files, including TTF files like Mona Font, are allowed to be uploaded by non-supporter accounts: :)

nokoru 6 days ago

Thanks for the info! I'll upload the ttf file :D

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nokoru 6 days ago

update: sorry, i couldn't add the font. The ttf file slows down the page loading speed way too much. I also tried converting the file to woff using a npm script, but it didn't worked. Looks like Mona font is just too old to be .woff. Sorry! :c

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Besides cleaning up the code a bit and moving some things around, I've finally managed to upload some actual content. Sure, it's not much, and it's not one of the pages I promised, but it's SOMETHING. Check out the "PlayZone E3 2001 Timestamps" page under the "Other Stuff" section if you dig PS2 games from around '01.
a-rok 1 week ago

And in case anyone thinks I'm trying to cover up the fact that I've yet to upload what I've promised, I've also moved the Coming Soon list to the Other Stuff section.

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