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Thank For Following Me!!!
hello and thank u for following !!!
geeky-jay 3 months ago

No problem!

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hi! thank you for following my website!! :D
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geeky-jay 4 months ago

no prob! your website looks really cool! (and plus i'm a huge sonic fan soooo ye)

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also btw how do yall make 88x31 buttons (both png and animated gif)? (i did try using the sadgrl button maker but it's kinda limited)
helv 3 months ago

i made mine from scratch in, though animated ones could use aseprite i think

*solid snake voice* "Kept ya waiting, huh?"
geeky-jay 4 months ago

Yeah so it's almost close to a year since the last update so might as well update it with a "coming soon" thing just to let yall know that I'm still here and still working on the site. Still not sure when, but it will arrive as it's done. A very late thank you to the ppl who followed me!

Thank you for the follow! :D
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geeky-jay 4 months ago

No prob! (sorry for the late reply lol)

Sorry I'm really late on this, but thanks so much for following me ~a month ago! I really appreciate it! ^^
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geeky-jay 4 months ago

Welp I'm also late on this as well (cuz i haven't updated my site for like months) so I think we're even lol. No prob!

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