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whoa, never noticed your background music was by Röyksopp. what a comfy track.
but yea, i plan to make this site a big art hub main thing but i figured i should at least make it look a lot simpler than it did before
I'm alive and not dead: I plan on revamping a bit, but it'll have to be after the semester ends (in like, a month...) so prepare to see me vaguely lurking but not doing too much
jeremyredhead 6 years ago

Me too, except I lurk because I'm lazy af

Finding a webcomic html example to try and go off on is hard when everyone and their pet rock uses wordpress, huh
silvercruiser 6 years ago

I could always 🤔 separate the panels but 🤔 that would look weird and 🤔 is too much work

2bit 6 years ago

you could try MS Publisher and export a document as html

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silvercruiser 6 years ago

thank for the tip; i think i have Publisher and I might try that and see how that comes up??

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love ur site :D
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my horrid handwriting finally surfaces and i apologize in advance for the future
also...i made the backgrounds for everything a bit smaller as per suggestion, so i hope not everything is sluggish as all hell. i'll do thumbnails and stuff for art sooner rather than later

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