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neocities is trash now lol
cookiehut 2 months ago

btw this is anthony

heythatsprettygood 2 months ago

I know who you are smelly boi

heythatsprettygood 2 months ago

why don't you use your normal site

cookiehut 3 weeks ago

because they granada filtered it oof

Why do you say is neocities not good? Just curious.
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heythatsprettygood 4 months ago

Issa Anthony Fantano meme

thesheepportal 4 months ago

heythony thatstano

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heythatsprettygood 4 months ago

Hey everyone, Heythony Goodtano here the internet's busiest Doritos eater here and this new neocities album is uuuuhhhhh not good *explosion*

yudosai 4 months ago

ohh ok lol

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