When I Was a Child in Ferrol, Spain (1953-65)

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To surenaga. Thank you for your best wishes. I too wish you all the best. As some said when I was young, "Keep Trucking."
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NEWS. February 24, 2021. I am ceasing work on this website.
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surenaga 2 months ago

Why? I hope it's because your work is complete. Yours is among the most unique sites on neocities and it'd be sad to see it go for any other reason.

wheniwasachildinferrol 2 months ago

surenaga - That's it. My work is complete. Thank you for your compliments.

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surenaga 1 week ago

I only noticed your reply today. Although sad nonentheless, it's good to know the end has come because the site is complete. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you the best of luck in whatever endeavour you decide to tackle next.

NEWS. February 18, 2021. You may now open/download a PDF version of my translation of De Castro's "Cantares Gallegos" (1863). Please find a link to this in Chapter 21 of "When I Was A Child In Ferrol."
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Jan. 27, 2021. NEWS. I have inserted a new button in Chapter 21 that links to the new external website, "Cantares Gallegos."
NEWS (CONT`D)... and (3) "Translation from Galician to English of more poems from Cantares Gallegos." Moreover the webpage has a more academic bent (i.e. just five pictures and forty-four hyperlinks to YouTube videos). "Translation from Galician to English of CANTARES GALLEGOS by Rosalia de Castro" is available at
NEWS. January 13, 2021. I have finished a new webpage entitled, "Translation from Galician to English of CANTARES GALLEGOS by Rosalia de Castro." This webpage collects all the poems dispersed across the following webpages: (1) "Translation from Galician to English of 11 poems by Rosalía de Castro," (2) "Archived translations from Galician to English of poems by Rosalía de Castro," and
NEWS. January 8, 2021. I am reverting throughout my translations of "Rosalía De Castro" to her punctuation style except where this action proves detrimental.

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