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Neocities should separate comments from follows so they're easier to read, I think. (totally not my own fault for not checking in more often, nope...)
thepencilriot 7 months ago

There's a script somewhere to remove them but I can't remember where I saw it. If I find it I'll forward it to you!

Dude I love the custom fonts! That's such a niche, yet sick hobby!
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Thank you so very much for the page on your website about client-side includes! I looked forever for information on how to accomplish such a thing without just copy-pasting several paragraphs of javascript. This information was simple and modular enough for me to actually understand what I was typing. Thank you!
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Hey I really like the design of your site, it's very minimalist and I like the monochrome palette. I also love seeing when people use Notepad++ as a HTML editor, I use it too - except I have mine set to dark mode. :)
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lol how do i still get views and follows when i'm never around. really gotta get back to this, i'm a mess
Hey man, wanna afilliate?
Really cool fonts you've made! I don't know when I could use them, but if I need to, I know where to look. Cheers!
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the man is back! :o
...aaand I've been away from this for way too long again. Alright, be back Soon™ with updates!
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