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I am now quitting updating my Neocities page forever. I am not coming back this time. Thanks each and every one of you for following me for the past year. ❀ My projects will be moved to GitHub so everyone can still use them. That is it for me, peace.
i think im gonna move the mk8 build randomizer to a standalone neocities account and abandon this one. i just cant keep up with this i guess but i still want to update the randomizer regularly.
kinda in a state of confusion on what my next move is, what do i do before the end of the summer and stuff like that. i want to return to video game reviews but in what case would going back to what i said was not what i am interested in a good idea if i am stuck in a repeating cycle of "ill do this, but i want to do this instead".
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userluigi 4 months ago

most of you followed for game reviews and since then i went with a new approach to my page but that was fun for like, 2 days. now i am inactive and not providing anything new. i almost forgot about neocities itself but here i am back again, writing more useless information, with complaints about my previous decisions yet again.

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userluigi 4 months ago

its been a year and for most of that year, i was only able to get anything done really for only 2 months. theres nothing new for me, nothing new to say either, and i just keep letting time tick away in my early stages of life with ambitions that i am unable to do mentally.

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userluigi 4 months ago

the last thing i was ever able to complete was my mk8d build randomizer but my love towards mario kart immediately died out. same thing with streaming, and making youtube videos as well. if i cant stick to one thing for any longer than 3 days or less, i am going to be worried about what i will be doing when school is officially over for me.

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Returned to update the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe build randomizer for the new Wave 5 characters that were just added to the Booster Course Pass. Have fun guys!
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I'm probably late but cheers to 14k views. I am busy so no journals for the days I missed it and no updates for a bit as well. Sorry but things be going crazy recently. ily all!
I look at so many other peoples pages and wonder why my brain doesn't have the mental capabilities to at least try and format mine nicely. Am I not the only one who feels this way?
thisuser0494 6 months ago

Sometimes I feel like that too but I would remember older pages from old accounts I've seen and now I just do what I feel like is good for me (like making my site mobile friendly, somewhat)

Should I do the usual "stream every day until my birthday" type thing I do every year? Last year wasn't so successful, so maybe you guys can decide for me!
happy pride month!
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