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After all these months, people are still coming back here for the good stuff. Save it while you can, before Neocities disappears under mysterious circumstances like Truecrypt.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen. I am officially packing up this blog for good. Please, if you wanna talk to me, do it at . I'm still around - don't let the hype fool you! But I'm moving on.
Froghand was updated.
2 months ago
moon-hotel 2 months ago

RIP froghand....thank you for all the fun and thoughtful content. i'll gladly follow degenerates and 10kb art gallery though!!! 10kb in particular is fascinating to me.

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A mention to all my followers: this is the landing page for every new project I have a direct hand in. I was serious when I said I wanted to spread out, and this will be a perfect umbrella to hold my opportunities under. If you're interested in joining the collective, bookmark this, and watch for info by the end of the week.
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A mention to all my followers: this is my brand new project, updated every day. Froghand will be dormant for a good, good minute, so if you want more of me... here I am.
And finally, after three weeks of hard work - from planning to the end of days - I present to you this humble art gallery full of exceptional work, all under 10kB. Please enjoy everything within, and always remember to recommend artists you love.

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