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Thanks for following! I really like your site! ~Malmadork, Games and More!
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2bit 6 months ago

You're welcome! I like your java script stuff you have so far.

2bit 6 months ago

no new gb camera photos added. Just adding a missing source to a photo

websitering 6 months ago

Wish I had a GB Camera...

1034co 6 months ago

If only there was a Game Boy Colour Camera. Especially one that uses the h-blank hi-colour exploit... It'd be tricky to optimise an image into 8x1 blocks of palettes on the fly, though.

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2bit 6 months ago

That would be pretty neat. That could be a successful kickstarter I think.

2bit 6 months ago

Also, people have been able to make color Gameboy Camera photos by taking three shots of the same sene with lens gels for each primary color

2bit 6 months ago

And they combine the black and white photos together iin software.

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