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I hope your cause succeeds! I want media to be free too!
freemedia 1 year ago

thanks! you can help us by joining our organisation: (its free) and/or "donating" links to freely licensed works: and/or creating a freedom lab:

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empeethree 1 year ago

in the post, it states that "free" refers more to freedom than price, but one thing I see with free entertainment is not having to pay monthly fees for website membership.

empeethree 1 year ago

it's gonna take a while to process the long text in these web documents.

freemedia 1 year ago

which ones interest you the most? we could chop a few of them up into shorter versions. regarding free as in freedom: it does not exclude commercial activities. but the price of copies tends towards gratis.

you really got me into that pizza song!
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Neocities has the awesome freedom of page customization, it impresses me big time!
I'm impressed by this!
I feel like there's something we have in common, musician Suzanne Vega, aka 'mother of the MP3', was born on July 11th, 1959, and that July 11th is also free slurpee day, from a store that also sells big gulps!

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