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2 days ago
mostlypixels 1 day ago

I love your design and that kawaii food :D

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pomelo 1 day ago

Thank you!!

humantooth 1 day ago

jaw, dropped.

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totally redid my pixel page into an entire proper site!
cabbagesorter 2 days ago

Bento box layout??? Pixel chopsticks????? I'm in awe this is adorable

pomelo 2 days ago

thank you so much cabbage!! <3

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letslearntogether 2 days ago

I love the little faces on the onigiri and tamago sushi, as well as the neko dango and tako itamae. A well-rounded meal! 😄

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pomelo 2 days ago

And a little naruto garnish :3 thank you so much for your sweet comment!

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5 days ago
letslearntogether 2 days ago

🌸 The Sweet Sugar layout is awesome! 🌸

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pomelo 2 days ago

Thank you thank you!!! 💕

I absolutely adore your site! I really enjoyed seeing your art and going through your WoW pages :3
pomelo 6 days ago

thank you so much! <3

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Hosting a holiday themed pixel contest with Pastelhell at the juice-bar! with really awesome prizes!!!!! >:3 Come seeee~
sephiria 2 weeks ago

So super cool!!! I hope I can find enough time to enter, it looks like a ton of fun : D

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ninacti0n 2 weeks ago

I really hope to be able to join this time :’D I might not be as busy as last month, so it may be all good for me-

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