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dark3n1ng 4 years ago

Lets do it!

jackomix 4 years ago

I just made a website where all of us can have fun and chat! :D

jackomix 4 years ago

Basically we can all just chat on that websites profile. I don´t know if I would want chatting to be here or on my site though.. I´ll release the project and see how it does! :D

1K views! :D
jackomix was updated.
4 years ago
dark3n1ng 4 years ago

Just a suggestion slow down the glitch on not_found.html so you dont give your viewers seizures

For all the people out there, do you have any tips on making "weird" or should I say "eerie" websites?
anthonynaber 4 years ago

Just look at :D just kidding, if you want it strange and frightning, add some glitch effects or strange things.

1034co 4 years ago

Learn Javascript. No, really.

dark3n1ng 4 years ago

music bro music

project2 4 years ago

add glitchy anime images and make up some creepy phrases

jackomix 4 years ago

I should make a creepy phrases generator! Thanks for the idea! :D Also thanks for the tips. I made my 404 webpage all creepy so feel free to let me know how it looks! :D

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Why did you move accounts?
jackomix 4 years ago

I just wanted to start fresh, also my dashboard was messy and I liked things organized. Online it´s very easy to organize stuff unlike real life. heh

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