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4 months ago
scketchzone 4 months ago

Nice preview. lol

scketchzone 4 months ago

I made a TeeSpring account a few days ago, so I've added a link to my shirts on the side of each page! Think about buying a shirt or two, maybe? Or share the link. Thank you!

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5 months ago
scketchzone 5 months ago

Fixed the Tumblr feed, since it was broken

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6 months ago
scketchzone 6 months ago

Testing something, nothing new added to the page

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9 months ago
scketchzone 9 months ago

Changed Portfolio page to have an option to switch between Illustrations and Pixel Art. Made some new buttons for that and changed some old buttons to fit the new buttons. Also made a new banner :D

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1 year ago
scketchzone 1 year ago

Updated commission info (finally) and added my re-sume, wee

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