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Hey megaphone if you are still doing game reviews can you review rainbow six siege??
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megaphoneartist 1 week ago

I can try. I've got a final due this week, but maybe I can work on it next week. ^-^

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hour 7,476 of vaca i have not eaten for 8,000 of those hours ;)
I am one of the last survivors of neocities pls comment if u r too ;
owlman 2 months ago

I think I'm still kicking

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websitering 2 months ago

Hi. What's happened?

rocketmix 2 months ago

no not here, sorry

1034co 2 months ago

I think I did. Maybe I didn't survive it. I'm going to have to check the doctor. Going to have to check to see if he has eyeholes.

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