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okay. my url has been changed AGAIN. sorry. i am going through phases....i promise this is the last time. i will fix all of the links soon.
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galore 3 months ago

i just changed my email that you can contact me with. i also removed some things that i know i didn't want on here anymore. i still have much to update, but i am quite unsure when it will be updated. the woes of being an employed man.

i should add my sock collection on here. why not. i already got all my toys and am thinking about adding all my tapes, dvds, cds, and maybe my records, too. i'm not much of a record guy, but will probably become one later on in life.
hifivesoup --> vhsbaby. i hope you like the new name. new updates coming soon!
galore 11 months ago

i WILL share my vhs tape collection one day so people better understand the vhs aspect of my url. the baby part is to represent all the toys that i have. vhs tapes and toys: my two most favorite things in the world.

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