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Chapter 8: Homecoming is out now! And oh boy- finally some questions will be answered! We meet Duchess Landgrave... but she has an odd way of greeting us doesn't she? Oh dear listeners she will hold the answer to many of your questions!
robertfitzroy 4 days ago

Let me rephrase... questions will be answered... soon... possibly not in this chapter specifically... but the next Chapter 9 will have A LOT of answers... so if you haven't caught up, make sure you do before next Sunday! Thank you all again for all of your support... you're all wonderful!

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4 days ago
Good Evening Everyone! Chapter 8 may be late tomorrow. I have a splitting headache, but it should be up tomorrow sometime. Thank you for your patience!
Chapter 7: Illusory Lapin is out now! Also there is a new gallery page added to the Chapter Selection screen! Have a wonderful Sunday!
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1 week ago
Chapter 6: Too Many Freckles is out now! What are these strange powers that Robert possesses? Who is this 'little girl' he is remembering? All will be revealed very soon...
arkmsworld 2 weeks ago

I'm loving your story, man. :)

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robertfitzroy 2 weeks ago

Thank you arkmsworld! I really appreciate that- that means the world to me!!!

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