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hey where did you get this aframe-extras.js? i stole your source code and tried making a hyperlink object, it works! I am hoping to find a way to get the object reference for the hyperlink aside from that id number setup
yudosai 8 months ago

My version was depricated yearrs ago. It doesn't work right since google introduced a bug to chrome mobile, causing whomst zone to absolutely BUG OUT on mobile devices. The current repository is here:

yudosai 8 months ago

it doesn't work the same way though, but good luck either way!

geouniversal 8 months ago

cheers! my next mission is to not fall thru the floor when you drop from high up, be able to walk up a sloped plane, and to import glft files in parts so i can build some terrains. i think i'm missing some basics but aframe is powerful and does so much for you i can't complain

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yudosai 8 months ago

you should be able to walk up sloped devices, no? I know it was certainly possible when I built whomst zone.

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yudosai 7 months ago

@geo i accidentally deleted your comment, but glad you got it working.

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