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okay so uhhh... i kind of feel like restarting my site. like i've got half an index built rn, and rather than waiting until ive rebuilt my current site in the new layout i just upload just what ive got now? my blogs will be down for a while and some pages i have links to elsewhere wont work but idk i just feel like i need a full reset and having the oportunity to release small updates rather than the whole site at...
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scftst4rs 19 hours ago

..once? idk taking down what i have on the site now feels like such a waste but i dont like that's its just going to be left sitting there for who knows how long while i work on the new layout (if you can even call it that, all my layouts follow the same basic shapes T-T). i also think some of it has to do with my fear that in a few months time ill get bored of this new layout and have to redo the entire site over...

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scftst4rs 19 hours ago

..AGAIN. oh my! at this point i shouldve just made a blog post but its too late now. idk im confused and frustrated, pls send your thoughts, and i hope you're all doing well ToT

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thinking about re-doing my site again but I feel like I've barely used this layout that I was so excited to have finally finished TOT
scftst4rs 1 month ago

New blog post!! Talking about youtube and trying out my cameras :O

uhhh sorry for being completely non-existent on here... I have been spending a lot of time over on spacehey but i promise i think about you all on here! might do some stuff for the site today even :3
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scftst4rs 5 months ago

Hey new blog entry. It's late so if there's any bad takes in there that's why but basically i complain about youtube 'experts' telling newer youtubers to make their videos all sanitised and easy to watch so they can grow their channel and not make 'bad videos'. I'd love to hear other peoples thoughts on it! Anyway I'm going to bed now, goodnight ( ̄ω ̄;)

scftst4rs 6 months ago

Reintroduced my button wall!!! I went through every site I'm following to add their button. I couldn't find about a third of people buttons, either because they didnt have one or because I simply couldn't find it ;-;

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I have finally started work on the wardrobe page, but I dont have many photos to add to it yet so well see how that goes OwO
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